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Wyatt Builders
Custom Home in Crossville

Having grown up in Crossville and Cumberland County, Ronnie Wyatt began building homes in 1976
at the young age of 20. Now, with almost 36 years of experience in home construction
on the beautiful Cumberland Plateau,
'Wyatt Builders' are widely known for discerning quality.


Ronnie's father was a carpenter in the area and one of Ronnie's brothers, Ricky, has been working with Ronnie on-site since 1984. Ronnie also has another brother and two sisters.

Ronnie grew up in Cumberland County, on Plateau Road, where his mother still lives today. He married Sheila Blaylock in 1981 and they have two wonderful children.

At the age of 20 Ronnie built a home for himself. After having lived in the house for eight months, he sold it and immediately began another one. And so began Wyatt Builders. Now, some thirty odd years and a hundred and sixty or so homes later, their tradition of quality that began in 1976 is still alive and well.

Some years after their humble beginnings, Ronnie and Shiela built a new home for themselves in Holiday Hills. They later sold it to Ken and Barbara Daugherty who had moved to the area from San Diego, CA. Mrs. Daugherty had this to say about her new 'Wyatt Built' home: "It's a wonderfully built, most elegant home. Ronnie uses all the best materials and makes good use of the space. There are many points of interest in the home, but I really like the way he built the ceilings. We have five different trey ceilings - all impressive. He really takes pains to make every aspect of the home perfect."

One of the keys to Wyatt's consistent quality is a full time, high quality, dedicated crew. "They work for us and draw a regular paycheck every Friday." Ronnie said, "I will always believe that having a full-time crew makes a huge difference. I am a general contractor, but all the credit for our outstanding record for quality should go to the men who have worked for me down through the years." Note: many of the people who have worked for Wyatt Builders have gone on to become contractors for their own building business.

Ronnie is a down to earth Christian gentlman who is easy to talk to and pleasant in manner. In speaking with him personally; his pride in his work is obvious and his passion for what he does makes it hard not to get excited with him. Sheila also, is always pleasant and friendly. All of these things fit together to make a top-notch customer experience that you will find hard to beat.

If you are interested in building a home in the area, be sure and talk to Ronnie before you make your decisions. He will be glad to show you his company's work and no one from Wyatt Builders will ever try to pressure you into anything. We don't need to. Our quality speaks for itself.